Upcoming Events

2020 Events


January 14th

Dr. Christine Downey

“Pearls for Treating Cancer Patients in the Dental Office”

6-8 PM

February 11th

Bill Atkission from Bella Vita Labs

“Update on Dental Lab Technology”

6-8 PM

March 12th

Dr. Daniel Spagnoli

“Topics in Oral Surgery”

6-8 PM

April 14th

Dr. Hana Hobbs

“Implant Complications and Peri Implantitis” 6-8 PM


October 13th

Dr. Blake Fagan

“Opioids in Dentistry”

(Fulfills Board Requirement)

6-8 PM

November 10th

Dr. Michael Mayhew

“Management of Developing Malocclusions”

6-8 PM